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   I have always loved to make cakes,and even now, after taking
over 600 hours of cake decorating classes, I still get excited
about learning something new! It seems that for every craft,
there is a cake decorating equivalent. And cake decorating is the
only craft where you can eat your mistakes!
I am a cake decorating teacher and demonstrator. I have
organized several cake shows, numerous "Chocolate Sundays",
and appeared on six Arlington (Texas) Tele-Cable programs. My
cookie bouquets have been featured in Bakery Production and
Marketing Magazine three times (four -if you count the time
they gave me credit for someone else's bouquet!). My "Harvest
Bouquet" was on the front cover in September 1997.
My affiliations include International Cake Exploration Society
(ICES), American Culinary Federation, and the Texas Chefs
Assn. My classes are ACF approved.
My husband of 34 years and I are both recently retired - Ron
from the restaurant business, and myself from 20 years of
catering weddings, both off-premise and at my own reception
facility, Coram Deo.
In 2006, I plan to resume teaching, and to publish 2 more books
(Groom's Cakes; Cooking at Stations).
Got a question? Give me a call - 903.479.0125
The American Style of
    Cake Decorating
Potpourri Class
Cookie Bouquets
Cooking at Stations
Chocolates for Beginners
A 35 hour class (M-F) that includes
gumpaste flowers without cutters,
gumpaste decorations, pastillage
baby items, and marzapan fruit.
4 hours. Hands-on fun! Complete and
take home a cookie bouquet.
Everything provided.
2 day class that covers food prep
and safety, setting up the station,
table-top cooking. Hands-on
instruction includes 3 pasta
stations, stir-fry, quesadillas, more.
All-day hands-on class using
confectioner's coating.  Umm-mmmm!
Finger lickin' good!    
A 35 hour class (M-F) that includes
basic bakingtechniques ,crumb-coating
and icing, 27 borders, 16 royal icing
flowers, sugar molds, color/cream
flow, wedding cake assembly, and
more. Practice icing included.

               Tips to make baking sugar cookies easier

Roll out the dough onto kitchen parchment. Cut out the cookies. Pick up excess dough,
leaving cookies untouched. You can simply slide the parchment onto a cookie sheet pan,
bake, and slide off to cool.

* When cutting square cookies or long strips, use a pizza cutter rather than a knife. It
won't leave jagged edges.

* When you buy a new rolling pin, especially if there is a shiny finish on it, try sanding  
it with a medium grit sandpaper. The dough doesn't stick to it as much.

* Designs can be pressed into the unbaked cookie after the skewer is in place and the
surface smoothed with a spatula and a little flour. Alphabet and number cookie cutters
come in handy.

* Try decorative rubber stamps brushed with food color and lightly pressed onto
unbaked cookies. They can be found at any craft or fabric stores. Your kids would
enjoy carving potato stamps to decorate their cookies.

* Use your imagination! Think outside the box (or the clay pot!). Autumn Carpenter has a
new book showing a variety of ways to display her cookie bouquets.
                Check it out:

* Some of my students prefer to shrink-wrap their cookies and tape the sticks to the
back of the cookie. Whatever!

* Be aware of changes in temperature when you leave to deliver a cookie bouquet. I have
walked outside and had my balloons try to float away. I love surprises, but not that